NFL Weekly Blogging Wrap-up

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Each week we bring you highlights from fellow bloggers in relation to the events of the past weekend. This week we have Plaxico the Giant idiot, a tribute to Sean Taylor, Wes Welker getting lit up, and Steelers Christmas poems.

A Burress Story (Tirico Suave)

Sean Taylor Tribute Video (NESW Sports)

Wes Welker, you got knocked the f out (The World of Isaac)

Surprise, Sports agents are Dicks (With Leather)

Happiness is a Warm Gun: The Plaxico Burress Story (

Pats and Bucs to clash in London come 2009 (Juiced Sports)

A Chiefs fan’s descent into the Black Hole (Arrowhead Addict)

Steelers Christmas Poems Rule (PSAMP)

Plaxico Burress Suspended, Season Shot to Hell (Sports by Brooks)

Brian Cuban’s Solution To Athletes Carrying Guns (The Cuban Revolution)

Cuzoogle’s Pigskins Picks : Week 13 Results (Cuzoogle)

NFL Power Rankings Week 14 (NE Patriots Draft)

If you have something that you think the folks here would like, by all means go ahead and send it in, we’ll do our best to include it in a future NFL Weekly Blogging Wrap-Up.

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