What is Your Amazing Red Bull Launchpad Idea?

launchpad 560x314Red Bull has been known to sponsor some extreme sporting events around the world, and now they want to know what you would do if you had their resources behind your idea. They call it the Red Bull Launchpad :

For years, we’ve been bringing athlete’s ideas to life. Now its your turn to fly. Submit your own idea below or vote for your favorites. We’re going to make one happen.

So what is your craziest idea? Red Bull wants to hear about it, and hopefully make it happen.

  1. Be at least 18 years old. Go to http://launchpad.redbullusa.com/arena
  2. Watch videos that have already been submitted to get an idea of what competition looks like
  3. Create 30 sec. (or less) video explaining your crazy idea and upload video via the launchpad website, then register with Facebook.
  4. The public votes on ten ideas, with one winning the chance to have Red Bull make their dream come true. The other nine also get awesome prizes. Contestants should encourage all their friends to vote for them.