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Ten Reasons Favre Sent Dong Photos

Feature Image Favre Sexting 560x226In case you missed the fabulous Brett Favre news today, Deadspin has the story about how Brett Favre sent cock shots to Jenn Sterger when they were both with the Jets. We don’t even know where to begin with this one, so we started with WHY? We’ve put our heads together and came up with the following Ten Reasons Favre Sent Dong Photos:


He finally decided on a new camera from Sears, and wanted to show it off.

The "Blue Balls" Crew


Was trying to prove he could hang with Shiancoe in the Vikes’ locker-room.

Daulerio is the King of All Dong Reporters!


His pass failed to reach its “intended receiver”… get it? PUNNY!

Bad Puns made #8? Really?


Those Wranglers just really showed off his bulge so nicely that he just had to let others know.
favre demin shorts1

Couldn't resist using the Jorts photo.


Was trying to show he’s still hip to the latest ways of being creepy.

Taken before Brett learned of Sexting.


Thought he was sending photos to his wife, in the year 1985. Great Scott!

Seriously, she is just an old version of Jenn Sterger.


Was trying to win back the attention of Rachel Nichols.
Nichols1 560x311

John Madden is going to be sooo jealous.


Wanted to show off his “Gunslinger” Tattoo.

That's not it, it's WAY better.


He is taking the whole Vikings’ purple helmets thing way too far.

See, cuz they wear a purple helmet.


Was looking for a way to make sure that Crocs would never be forgotten.
crocs221783 125909 jb

These babies are gonna be tough to keep in stock now.

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