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‘So Hopefully They Win Their Next Game’

Picture 13When I was a kid, I had aspirations of being a voice in media, and practiced with my tape recorder. These days, kids don’t even need to practice – they can just do it. This kid is a big San Jose Sharks and L.A. Lakers fan and gives his own recaps of games. They come out exactly as you’d expect.

But I’m not here to make fun – I’m here to congratulate him on his courage for posting such videos. With the passion he has, he will get much better at doing these and have a huge leg up on anyone else who wishes to pursue a career in sportscasting. And he’ll always have these videos to look back on just to see how far he’s come. Keep it up, 27NinerFan. Here are eight good ones…

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Teddy Jimmy Dez Spiller Forte Sled WIN