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Skate Like a Snowboarder

Freebord Shred Hard 560x253

Have you ever wished your skateboard maneuvered like a snowboard? The folks at Freebord apparently have, so they’ve designed a board that gives riders the control of a snowboard on the pavement. Personally I’m more of a skates and skis kind of guy, but with this thing you can carve, slide, slow down, stop and go fast or slow… if you happen to have that kind of skill, just like you could on the slopes. Check out this video of the Freebord in action, featuring some pro riders bombing hills in the San Francisco Bay area :

Looks pretty crazy, but if you’re like us, you probably wondered how that works. We found this other video which shows a bit more detail on how Freebord operates (when under the control of people who know what they’re doing)  :

…and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’d probably look more like this :

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