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Scott Hartnell: Wookiee

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One of our favorite aspects of the NHL Playoffs is the tradition of the playoff beard. Every few years we’re blessed by one player’s innate ability to grow a beard so grizzly that we’re left in awe, and in the case of Scott Hartnell we’re left to wonder if he is in fact a Wookiee.

435 Chewbacca

Hartnell, who has been growing his disgustingly greasy mop of hair for about three straight years now, has seen his whiskers slowly cover his face to the point of a striking resemblance to the most famous Wookiee in the world; Chewbacca. Like a Wookiee, Hartnell stands taller than most humans at 6’2″. Wookiees are also known to possess tremendous strength, which Hartnell often displays when his gloves come off:

There is some evidence to the contrary that indicates Hartnell may also possess some similar characteristics to the Ewok. Underhanded battle tactics and foolish behavior like tossing a glove at an opponent on a breakaway:

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