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Roger Clemens’ and Other Fake Hall of Fame Plaques

With the recent Hall of Fame inductions, we were reminded that Roger Clemens and other steroids era cheaters have not yet been inducted, and may never get in. The good folks at Mad Magazine created the above Hall of Fame Plaque for Roger Clemens, and we thought it was pretty well executed. So of course we wondered if this gag had been pulled before. A quick search of Google Images found a couple of other fun examples. The first one below appears to be an actual product you can buy, and apparently not meant as a joke :

Pete Rose HOF Plaque 560x783

Gene Wojciechowski over at ESPN created some plaques for the BALCO wing of the Hall back in 2006 :

06mlb bonds 412x500

06mlb mcguire2 412x500

06mlb sosa2 412x500

06mlb palmeiro 412x500

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