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Robert Griffin III, Sheriff of Rock Ridge

rg3 560x553

Our story starts with a young man accompanying his family on a trip out west at a very young age.

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Robert Griffin III High School 560x252

This young man would have been lost if not for the help of kindly natives.

Mel Brooks Indian 560x246

Chief Zee 560x370

He would grow up to be appointed the leader of a resistance against the threat of cattle rustlers and other associated bad types. Of course, to accept the position he had to make a small speech.

Blazing Saddles Hearty Handshake 560x282

rg3 press conference 560x366

He would eventually have to face off against the Cowboys who threatened his home.

bart versus cowboys 560x360

Redskins Versus Cowboys 560x390

The rustlers were led by a madman bent on personal glory, power and the love of money.

hedley lamarr 560x377

jerry jones press conference 560x273

In order to fight these insurmountable forces, the man would need help. He would need someone to back him up in case of trouble.

blazing saddles gene wilder 560x233

blazing saddles kirk cousins 560x373

The young man would also need a large personal protector.

Mongo Only Pawn 560x297

Redskins O Line 560x416

Along the way, he would even manage to find love.

Lili And Bart

Rg3 fiancee 560x690

A black sheriff? Hey, it worked in Blazing Saddles.

a black sheriff 560x282

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