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Rest in Peace, Manute Bol

IMG 1065 225x300Former NBA player Manute Bol, 47, died Saturday. He was a friend to Gunaxin and an all-round great humanitarian and person. At 7’7, Manute was tied for being the tallest player ever in the NBA. The Sudan native spent much of his life trying to help the people of Sudan.

When I met him in early 2009, he was not in good shape. I asked if I could have my photo taken with him before I realized that we would have to help him out of his seat. But he complied (unlike Gary Coleman, who ignored me when I met him). Manute died of acute kidney failure and a skin disease.

Rest in peace, Manute. You were not a spectacle, you were not a freak of nature. You were a great person who used your uniqueness and fame to help your people.

Here are Manute’s NBA records:

  • Most blocks in a half – 11, Washington Bullets (vs. Milwaukee Bucks) on December 12, 1985
  • Most blocks in a quarter – 8 (twice), Washington Bullets (vs. Milwaukee Bucks) on December 12, 1985 and Washington Bullets (vs. Indiana Pacers) on February 26, 1987
  • Most blocks in a 3-game playoff series
    18, Golden State Warriors (vs. Utah Jazz), 1989
  • Most blocks per game by a rookie – 4.96 by Manute Bol, 1985–86
  • Most blocks in a game by a rookie – 15 by Manute Bol, Washington Bullets (vs. Atlanta Hawks) on January 25, 1986

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