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Remember… D-Rose plays POINT GUARD

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A new set of Big Shoulders in Chitown...

It’s easy to forget.

I do it all the time. I watch the Bulls, as I have since I was pulling on dad’s jeans at the knee (I grew up in central Illinois and I’ve watched this team more than any other professional sports franchise on the planet), and I forget.

It’s not hard, ’cause Derrick Rose… he may be listed as a point guard, he may be playin’ the one, and he may be runnin’ the floor as the court general for the Chicago Bulls… but he makes it hard.

He may play point guard, but he doesn’t play like a point guard… and tonight, while the majority of the sports world was focused on the college kids of the gridiron, the Detroit Pistons and the rest of the basketball faithful were served…

That’s D-Rose elevating on an alley-oop pass from Ronnie Brewer to give you what may be the NBA highlight of the week… and its only Monday.

(Granted, Blake Griffin has a handful of days to post his own video submission for the honors, but this play will make any short list out there.)

It’s going viral as the basketball throngs rush to check it out, and we expect you’ll see it on more than a few blogs tonight and tomorrow.

Just wanted to make sure we were one of ’em… and since you were kind enough to stop by, here’s another memorable D-Rose moment from last week, doin’ his thing against the Cavs.

Thanks for stopping in.

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