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Possible Nicknames for Jeremy Lin

lin header 560x315Due to the Knicks being atrocious in the backcourt, they have turned to second-year point guard Jeremy Lin to provide a spark. And after just two starts, Broadway is abuzz with Lin Mania and afflicted with Lin Fever and, uh, you get the point. New York is desperate for a glimmer of hope after a 10-15 start, and Lin’s 53 points and 15 assists has landed the Harvard grad smack dab in the Big Apple spotlight. While the comparisons to Clyde Frazier seem a tad premature, we think the young man has moxie. So much so that he needs a nickname. Here are a few suggestions.

The Missing Lin(k)

lin2 560x315

Is he the missing link to a Knicks turnaround? Probably not.

The Secret of LIN

lin1 560x339

Does he hold the answers to the Knicks playoff hopes? Doubtful.

Jeremy Spoke

lin3 560x316

He does all his talkin' on the court.

The D-League Dynamo

lin6 560x348

He's not in Reno anymore.

The Palo Alto Assassin

lin7 560x339

The baddest dude from Palo Alto since Ben Covington.

Kung Fu Kid

lin5 560x315

Hey, he's the one doing the Bruce Lee impression.

The Taiwanese Terror

lin8 560x381

He gives defenders nightmares.

Harvard Howitzer

lin9 560x336

Take cover, 'cause he's raining jumpers.

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