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NFL Videos To Help You Through The Lockout

nfl players 197411

By this point most NFL fans are beyond disgusted the lockout hasn’t been settled yet and doesn’t appear to have an end in the near future. There is a very real chance part of training camp and maybe even the regular season will be lost. By this time of the year the 4 billion NFL writers, bloggers and analysts should be dissecting all of the free agency moves, trades, and OTAs that have taken place. Instead they are forced to write about litigation and mediation, or in this case just collect a bunch of entertaining videos related to the NFL and put them in an article for your viewing pleasure —

Dan Marino can’t talk and isn’t happy about it…

Jets fans are annoying and we all know it, trust me I am one and this is about as good of an impression as you will see…

A classic NFL Network commercial from a few years back, as a collection of players and coaches attempt to get over their grief of not reaching the Super Bowl…R.I.P. Steve McNair

No football means no fantasy football, which means no insulting your friends on a weekly basis because their team is awful…

Shameless self-promotion and horrible dance moves, how can you not love and miss it?

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