The NFL Salute to Service

NFL Salute Service 01 560x373You likely noticed the NFL’s Salute to Service during your football watching this weekend. Today is Veteran’s Day, and the NFL dedicated this past weekend to salute our military :

Supporting the military is part of the fabric of the NFL. This support takes place both at home and abroad, with NFL players and coaches traveling overseas to salute the troops, as well as with team recognition of our servicemen and women through the Salute to Service campaign.

NFL Teams around the league welcomed service men and women to their games, and recognized them in on field ceremonies. The stadium and players were also decked out with several symbols for the event, which you can see in the photo gallery below. See the NFL Photos page for even more :

Check out 60 Photos of NFL Cheerleaders Celebrating Veteran’s Day :

nfl cheerleaders military 05 560x273

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