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NFL Assholes: Hangover Poll Week

Drunk Santa 560x373

'Tis the season...

Not only am I suffering from a prolonged weekend, but its a prolonged weekend that gets the most hated season of all – the holiday season – started. We were blessed to have football to get us through the final day off but I’m feelin’ the pains of time enjoyed away from compensated responsibility… and to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure I know any more after watching the games on Sunday than I did when I had a few more brain cells.

Like, say… Wednesday.

So I’ll ask you… with 12 weeks of the NFL season in the tank, what do you think?

Fred Jackson 560x384

Fred Jackson, RB, Buffalo

[poll id=”167″]

Cutler 560x368

Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago

[poll id=”168″]

Kristin Cavallari 560x361

Jay Cutler's Favorite Receiver (Kristin Cavallari)

[poll id=”169″]

Chiefs 560x372

Your Kansas City Chiefs

[poll id=”170″]

Giants 560x351

The New York Football Giants

[poll id=”171″]

[poll id=”172″]

Bradford 560x373

The Smartest Kids on the Short Bus

[poll id=”173″]

Patriots 560x315

The Best?

[poll id=”174″]

[poll id=”175″]

Peyton Hillis 560x371

Peyton Hillis, RB, Cleveland

[poll id=”176″]

Vick 560x378

From convict to MVP?

[poll id=”177″]

[poll id=”178″]

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