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Famous Athletes with Christmas Names

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Does this really require an explanation? I didn’t think so. Let’s celebrate the season with a collection of well-known (relatively speaking) athletes with Christmas names.

Matt Holliday (MLB)

An eight-time All-Star and the 2007 NL batting champ. Collects wool hats as a hobby.

names holiday 560x379

Johnny Jolly (NFL)

Former Packers defensive tackle. Currently employed as a shopping mall Santa (allegedly).

names jolly 560x369

David Frost (Golf)

28 professional wins. No relation to Jack

names frost 560x336

Jeff Green (NBA)

Of course he's a Celtic. Fun fact: loves conifers.

names green 560x315

Patrick Kane (NHL)

Okay, it's spelled different. Middle name is Candy.

names kane

Angel Cordero Jr. (Horse Racing)

Three-time Kentucky Derby winner. Enjoyed second career as one of Santa's elves. Ya know, cause he's short!

names angel 560x434

J.T. Snow (MLB)

Won six Gold Gloves. Started career with the Angels. He reeks Christmas.

names snow

Dwayne Bowe (NFL)

Has gift-wrapped 39 touchdowns. Hopes to find a new team under the tree.

names bowe 560x403

Jesus Shuttlesworth (Movies)

Fictional character. Enjoys the comfort of sandals.

names jesus 560x302

George Bell (MLB)

1987 AL MVP. Loves tacos.

names bell 560x371

Bart Starr (NFL)

Won five championships. Dons a fake Santa beard year round.

names starr 560x262

Michael Redd (NBA)

Sharp-shooter without a team. Bakes gingerbread men in his spare time.

names redd 560x380

Jon Garland (MLB)

World Series champ in 2005. Known to instigate snowball fights with children.

names garland 560x320

Kyle Rudolph (NFL)

Attended Notre Dame. Hates reindeer games.

names rudolph 560x379

Tree Rollins (NBA)

Stands 7'1" tall. Will gladly allow himself to be decorated.

names tree

Dionte Christmas (College Basketball)

C'mon, this was too easy. Merry Xmas!

names christmas 560x315

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