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Thank You, America! From Team USA

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There is no doubt the United State Olympic Team had a fabulous games in London. They dominated the medals (especially the women) and provided many of the highlights of the Olympics. Unlike most other countries, the US Olympic Team is not supported by the Government, but is a non-profit funded by sponsors, partners and extraordinary Americans like you. So it’s pretty apparent why they would record a video of their athletes thanking America for its support. It makes this American proud to watch and re-post the video, even though they kinda teased us by making the poster frame Alex Morgan :

The team behind the team? That means you, America. And our athletes want to thank you for your support. Whether you added a stitch during the Raise Our Flag campaign, attended a countdown event or just found yourself swept up in the hundreds of inspiring stories authored by the 759 athletes who represented Team USA at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, those athletes want to say …”Thank you, America.” Featuring: Gabby Douglas, Missy Franklin, Lolo Jones, Alex Morgan, Tim Morehouse, Kelsey Campbell, Kerry Walsh, Misty May-Treanor, Seth Kelsey, Elena Pirozhkova, Jordan Burroughs, Allison Schmidt, Brady Ellison, Alise Post, Brooke Crain, Jamie Nieto, Maya Moore


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