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Gunaxin is a Men’s Online Magazine that we created in 2008 to bring our unique brand of offbeat content to the internet daily. Gunaxin is full of Stuff for Guys, and our content is organized into seven primary categories : Sports, Humor, Media, Motors, Gadgets, Grub, and Travel.

Since inception we’ve published over 8,500 original articles that have been read by over 50 million people. In our first six years online, we’ve averaged 700,000 unique visitors per month and look forward to continuing that success in the future.

Gunaxin is a Unami (Delaware Native American Language) word which means : to be Long, to be Tall, to be Big, or to be Rich. It represents our philosophy for the site, go big or go home. We believe anything worth doing is worth doing right, and we always operate with that mentality.

Owner & Editor

PVAN 150x150Philip Van der Vossen

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ZTRO Zach Tropf

BSUM Ben Sumner

STUN Scott Tunstall

HFOO Howard Fooksman

SMIL Stew Miller

ATUR Aaron Turpen

TDEL Thomas Delatte

JCIS Jim Ciscell

JKEL Jeff Kelly

KSMA Karl Smallwood

DKOS Dustin Koski

JMIT Jeffery Mitchell