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The 60 Sexiest Female Sports Reporters of 2013

Erin Andrews 560x249

Fifteen years ago, Melissa Stark, Bonnie Bernstein, and Jill Arrington were burning up our TV sets as we watched in amazement. Little did they know they would end up being the first of many sexy female reporters soon to enter the sports world.

Within the last ten years, hiring sexy female sports reporters, that are also extremely well-qualified, has become a trend. It isn’t like men needed another reason to keep themselves focused on the tube but when you feature a beautiful woman with long legs and a winning smile, we feel almost obligated to watch. It would be an insult if we didn’t, right?

So who are these women we have seen every time we glance at the big screen? We have dug deep to put together a list of the 60 sexiest female sports reporters of 2013 to give you a name to go along with a face. Admittedly there are many more that could have made the list, so if we missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comment section below.

60. Natasha Staniszewski – TSN

60 Natasha Staniszewski TSN 560x456

59. Wendi Nix – ESPN

59 Wendy Nix ESPN 560x315

58. Molly Sullivan – CSN

58 molly sullivan CSN 560x726

57. Rachel Nichols – Turner Sports

57 rachel nichols turner sports 560x504

56. Evanka Osmak – Rogers Sportsnet

56 Evanka Osmak rodgers sportsnet 560x420

55. Hannah Storm – ESPN

55 hannah storm ESPN 560x414

54. Jackie Redmond – Sportsnet360

54 Jackie Redmond sportsnet360 560x943

53. Lindsay Czarniak – ESPN

53 Lindsay Czarniak ESPN 560x585

52. Renee Young – WWE

52 Renee young WWE 560x842

51. Sam Ryan – MLB Network

51 sam ryan MLB network 560x504

50. Lindsay Rhodes – NFL Network

50 lindsay rhodes NFL network 560x818

49. Melissa Stark – NFL Network

49 melissa stark NFL network 560x455

48. Julie Alexandria – MASN

48 julie alexandria MASN 560x820

47. Sara Walsh – ESPN

47 Sara Walsh ESPN 560x630

46. Jennifer Hale – Fox

46 Jennifer Hale Fox  560x560

45. Amber Wilson – CBS Sports Bang

Amber Wilson 560x422

44. Larra Overton – Fox Sports

44 larra overton fox sports 560x783

43. Michelle Beisner – NFL Network

43 Michelle Beisner NFL network 560x560

42. Tracy Wolfson – CBS Sports

42 tracy wolfson CBS 560x560

41. Jamie Erdahl – NESN

41 jamie erdahl NESN 560x700

40. Sarah Spain – ESPN

40 sarah spain ESPN 560x791

39. Allie LaForce – CBS Sports Network

39 Allie LaForce CBS sports network 560x559

38. Kristen Berset – CBS (WUSA-9)

38 Kristen Berset WUSA CBS

37. Niki Noto – ESPN

37 niki noto ESPN 560x756

36. Kristen Ledlow – CBS Atlanta

36 kristen ledlow CBS 560x668

35. Erin Hawksworth – Sportsnet

35 erin hawksworth sportsnet 560x387

34. Jill Arrington – Fox Sports

34 jill arrington fox sports 560x791

33. Kelly Nash – Sun Sports

33 Kelly Nash Sun Sports 560x560

32. Andrea Kaiser – Sport 1 (Germany)

32 andrea kaiser 560x373

31. Allison Williams – ESPNU

31 allison williams ESPNU 560x420

30. Amanda Joseph – ULM Sports

30 Amanda Joseph ULM

29. Georgie Thompson – Fox Sports

29 georgie thompson Fox Sports 560x859

28. Jenny Dell – NESN

28 jenny dell NESN 560x840

27. Britt McHenry – ABC (WJLA-7)

27 britt mchenry ABC 560x847

26. Molly McGrath – Fox Sports 1

26 Molly McGrath Fox Sports 1 560x746

25. Samantha Ponder – ESPN

25 Samantha Ponder ESPN 560x560

24. Heidi Watney – MLB Network

24 heidi watney MLB Network 560x842

23. Erin Bates – SPEED

23 erin bates SPEED 560x420

22. Nicole Zaloumis – NFL Network

22 nicole zaloumis NFL Network 560x558

21. Erin Sharoni – Showtime Sports

21 Erin Sharoni Showtime Sports 560x753

20. Lauren Gardner – CBS Sports Network

20 Lauren Gardner CBS Sports Network 560x746

19. Molly Qerim – NFL Network

19 molly qerim nfl network 560x746

18. Adriana Monsalve – ESPN Deportes

18 Adriana Monsalve ESPN deportes 560x447

17. Laura McKeeman – Fox Sports

17 Laura McKeeman Fox Sports 560x771

16. Kristina Akra – MLB Network

16 kristina akra MLB 560x840

15. Jenn Brown – NFL Network

15 Jenn Brown NFL Network 560x836

14. Alex Curry – FSN

14 alex curry FSN 560x839

13. Ashley Russell – Rivals.com

13 Ashley Russell RIVALS 560x840

12. Katelynn Johnson – Fox Sports

12 katelynn johnson fox sports

11. Melanie Collins – Yahoo Sports

11 melanie collins yahoo sports 560x743

10. Mieke Buchan – BigPond (Australia)

10 mieke buchan bigpond AUS 560x924

9. Erin Andrews – Fox

9 Erin Andrews Fox 560x840

8. Michelle Beadle – NBCSN

8 michelle beadle NBCSN 560x746

7. Holly Sonders – Golf Channel

7 holly sonders golf channel 560x699

6. Amanda Pflugrad – CBS Sports Network

6 amanda pflugrad cbs sports network 560x896

5. Leeann Tweeden – FuelTV

5 Leeann Tweeden FuelTv 560x690

4. Charissa Thompson – Fox

4 Charissa Thompson Fox 560x701

3. Ines Sainz – Azteca Deportes

3 Ines Sainz Azteca Deportes 560x748

2. Rebecca Grant – Fox Sports

2 rebecca grant fox sports 560x491

1. April Rose – Fox Sports

1 April Rose Fox Sports 560x826

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